Play Bat Girl in upcoming HBO Max movies in the Heights Leslie Grace

Warner Bros. Bat Girl At heights Starless league race, According to a report from Deadline.. The 26-year-old actress will play Barbara Gordon and her superhero alter ego in the next movie on HBO Max.

I’m not sure about the story, but I know that the movie focuses on the Barbara Gordon version of the character, rather than the other bat girls who featured cowls in the comics. This means that Batgirl will be the daughter of police commissioner Jim Gordon (or her niece, depending on what part of the continuity she draws from) who hasn’t appeared in the movie yet.Gordon last appeared in a DC Comics movie played by JK Simmons Justice League Jeffrey Wright will play in the next match Batman..

I don’t know the synopsis of the movie, but I know some of the creative talent behind the camera. Batgirl Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilal Farrer. Bad Boys for Life..The movie is written by Christina Hodson, and he also wrote Bumblebee, Birds of prey, And in the future flash..

by number Of the report, Grace defeated other actresses, including Isabella Merced (Borderline: Soldier’s Day), Zoey Deutch (Zombie Land: Double Tap), And Haley Lu Richardson (Supporting girls)But according to the deadline, it was her performance in this summer’s musical blockbuster At heights It helped her secure her role.

Someday it hasn’t been announced yet Batgirl It will be released, but if it does, you’ll need to stream it on HBO Max instead of going to the theater.