Play PS4 exclusively for free, tomorrow’s child, will return after four years of offline

Developer Q-Games announced that it has obtained the copyright of its 2016 free multiplayer indie game “Children of Tomorrow” and will bring it back sometime in the future.

“Sons of Tomorrow” was released as a free game five years ago. It is set in a unique world. The game requires players to build villages and reserve supplies to deter intruders. It also has a post-apocalyptic dystopian style influenced by the Soviet Union.According to Q-Games, “There are a lot of fans around the world [clocked] Up to hundreds of hours per person,” but “Tomorrow’s Children” went offline only a year after its launch.

“Kyoto-based video game developer Q-Games is proud to announce that it has successfully reached an agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment for the ownership of its popular PlayStation 4 game “Tomorrow’s Children”. [and it] Will return to its original creator Dylan Cuthbert (Dylan Cuthbert) and the team of Q-Games,” Press release Regarding the content of the announcement. “Q-Games will now work hard to rebuild The Tomorrow Children and bring it back to its fans.”

Cuthbert, the director of The Tomorrow Children, wrote that he would like to thank the fans first, because without them, “[he] Never have the confidence to proceed with this transaction. He said that the fans of Q-Games worked hard to keep the dream of “Children of Tomorrow” alive, and he was very happy that fans once again entered the new Soviet world of games.

“Secondly, I would like to thank Sony Interactive Entertainment for cooperating with me to return the IP to Q-Games,” the press release said. “We all made a concerted effort to take this last step. I am grateful to everyone who participated in this process. I am now adjusting and remaking parts of the game every week. I hope everyone can keep up. And participate in this process. We plan to make some better changes and let “Children of Tomorrow” get the restart it deserves.”

There is no indication as to when “Sons of Tomorrow” will return, or whether it will continue to be a PlayStation exclusive. Considering that Q-Games seems to have acquired ownership, the studio is probably free to publish games anywhere, but now only time will tell.

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