Players do some very crazy things in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite hasn’t even been released yet, but this hasn’t stopped players from expanding their system to the limit in the recent multiplayer technology preview.

The latest batch of technical previews took place in the first two weekends. In these previews, the classic Halo mode Big Team Battle can be played. The game is played on a fragmented map called “Big Team Battle”-it is basically the version of Valhalla in Halo 3-and the sheer size of the map allows players to test what is possible in Halo Infinity , What is impossible.

The clip above may show the most impressive Halo Infinite clip we have found.Among them, streamer Like blitz I found that if you grab a car, your Spartan will basically follow it anywhere…including basically the entire fragmented map.

Speaking of fighting with vehicles, Kind of funny’Second Andy Cortes It was discovered that you can hijack the banshee at the top of the map by grabbing. Just have a grappling hook on hand, aim at the vehicle (which may be easier said than done), and fire. Then, sit down and watch your Spartan soar through the air to steal the banshee.

Redditor SumptuarySun1016 Discovered the most tactical approach to Halo Infinite we have seen so far: standing on top of the Hornets. Wasp is a relatively new vehicle that first appeared in Halo 5. It is basically a UNSC version of Banshee, shaped like a large drone. Although it is very useful on its own, it is even more important to bring trusted Spartan teammates to the sky above, because it provides them with an extra vantage point to destroy the enemies below.

Transition back to the ground to fight, check out this clip from redditor Your welcome idiot. As you can see in the video below, they found that the Spartans can definitely insert a fusion coil (easy to get at both ends of the fragment), and most importantly, you can insert a fusion coil directly into a suspended wall The equipment is picked up in one go.

Complete our tour of very cool clips in Halo Infinite, redditor Weird life (Appropriate username) Discover how one of our editors felt when playing a multiplayer game last weekend: Halo is back.

As you can see in the clip above, Oddballforlife understands that the Halo Infinite Gravity Hammer is as powerful as ever and can completely destroy the warthog in just a few clicks. The physics of Halo Infinite’s car ragdoll definitely makes the warthog flying, which does no harm.

Player code radio Danny Payña Become the master grappling hook on the Behemoth map of Halo Infinite. His clips provide a great tip for any and all players: use your grappling hook to recover from an otherwise fatal fall.

Our last clip in this Halo Infinite review is not to do some cool things in Halo, but more to provide PSAs that should not be done in Halo through Gamertag Radio. Peter Toledo: Landing on a pelican that falls into the map will kill you immediately, so uh don’t do it.

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Halo Infinite will be available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles on December 8.

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