Players of the recently launched MMO Mortal Online 2 have been waiting in line 24 hours a day

Swedish studio Star Vault launched Mortal Online 2 in late January. Hardcore MMO, skill-based first-person combat instead of auto-attack, full PVP, everything you carry can be looted from your corpse, and over 600 skills to learn, you can see why the studio might expect A relatively low turnout. This sounds a little niche.The original Mortal Online, according to steam database, with an all-time high of 1,185 players. Well, Mortal Online 2 has sold 110,000 copies and is the fourth best seller on Steam.

Of course, not all of these players are online at the same time.again according to steam database, “MOL 2” has reached 9,657 concurrent players, hovering below 10,000 since its release. It’s still proving too much for a game that puts everyone on the same continent on one persistent server as one of its selling points.