PlayStation launches new accessible website

Speaking of accessibility, Game console It has been lagging behind its peers for a long time. As Microsoft took the lead in customizing controllers for the disabled, Sony’s silence on the matter slowly disappointed many different people.Fortunately, Sony seems to have heard these complaints, because now it has launched a new accessible website PS4 and PS5.

To help more people enjoy PlayStation games, this new website draws attention to the different accessibility options provided by PS hardware and Sony first-party games. The new website combines instructional videos and convenient image-based guides, through accessibility options available in 12 different PlayStation exclusive versions, and through system-led accessibility features such as audio, closed captioning, screen size, and chat. Run user transcription and controller customization.

This is a popular move by Sony, and it is hoped that console manufacturers will begin to make greater commitments to make it easier for everyone to access PlayStation games.

As more and more publishers and developers try to promote widespread adoption of accessibility practices in the industry, this move has been going on for a long time. Will PlayStation launch its own competitors to compete with Microsoft’s excellent Xbox Adaptive Controller? It’s too early to say, but in any case, it’s nice to see another platform holder understand the importance of making games more viable for the often forgotten part of the population.