PlayStation owner Jim Ryan appeals to Bobby Kotick over the Activision Blizzard scandal

Game console boss Jim Ryan Is the latest industry figure to criticize Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotic, because the billionaire’s response to allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment at the studio continues to anger employees, gamers and investors.

According to reports, Ryan stated in a letter to employees that he had contacted Activision and expressed “deep concern” over the scandal that has plagued Activision Blizzard in the past few months.

Every Jason Schreier of BloombergLater, the Wall Street Journal reported that according to reports, the CEO of Activsion Blizzard had been aware of the allegations against the company for many years and deliberately concealed the sexual harassment from the board of directors, prompting Ryan to contact the company.

In the email, Ryan apparently linked to the Wall Street Journal report, noting that he (and the leadership of PlayStation) “is frustrated, frankly, reading [that Activision] Not enough has been done to address the deep-rooted culture of discrimination and harassment. Bloomberg reported that Ryan “sent this email to Kotick and the company immediately after the incident. [WSJ] Articles published”.

According to reports, Ryan once told PlayStation staff that the platform owner “[does] Do not believe [Activision Blizzard’s] The response statement correctly resolved the situation” and the company is eager to “express [its] Pay close attention to and ask how they plan to resolve the claims made in the article. “

Given the close relationship between PlayStation and Activision Blizzard (Call of Duty already has a marketing agreement and exclusive release of Activision games on the platform at regular intervals), it is no wonder that PlayStation wants to better understand what is being done internally to solve these problems.

In a statement earlier this week, Activision Blizzard issued a defensive rebuttal to the Wall Street Journal report, saying it “made misleading views on Activision Blizzard and our CEO.” To solve the company’s future problems, Activision plans to respond to workplace abuse and improve its recruitment practices.

Sony did not make an official statement on the situation with Activision Blizzard (neither did Nintendo or Microsoft). The staff group of Activision Blizzard King staff, Better ABK, Has gone on strike to protest the new allegations and called on Kotic to resign. A group of shareholders of Activision Blizzard also demanded Kotic’s resignation.