Playstation Plus December lineup has been leaked

look like Playstation Plus The peak period for members to receive some free gifts at the beginning of this year, because Queue in December ‘S free game has been leaked Pass the dead laboratory, A website that often publishes accurate leaked information.

The games that seem to be on the way are Mortal Shell for PS4, Godfall for PS4 and PS5, and Lego DC Super-Villains for PS4.

The leaker named Billbil-Kun at the top of the Deadlabs post was also responsible for leaking the range of free PlayStation Plus games in November. Facts have proved that these leaks are accurate, so it may be worthwhile to accept these claims with less skepticism than typical Internet leakers.

These three games are very worth seeing! Judging from the Godfall review summary at the time of release, the game was considered by the people of Counterplay Games to be a rather interesting action RPG.

As for Mortal Shell, our own Sherif wrote back his impression of the demo in 2020, saying that Mortal Shell is the correct type similar to the soul, and concluded: “Mortal Shell will become the best of this subtype, and the soul Fans watch”. Therefore, if you are a fan of the series, it might be worth seeing while waiting for Elden Ring next year!

Let us know what you think about these games coming to PlaySation Plus next month. If you would choose any of them, please leave a comment in the comments below!