PlayStation Plus free games announced in October 2021

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get Get three games for free In October: Mortal Kombat X with PGA Tour 2K21 Suitable for PlayStation 4 and World War II multiplayer shooting games Hell let go, Debut on PlayStation 5. Starting October 5th, all three games can be downloaded via PS Plus.

Hell let go The Early Access version was launched in June 2019, and the full version of Windows PC was released in July. It was released on PS5 and Xbox Series X on the same day.exist Let go of hell, Players shoot in a game with a maximum of 50 people on each side. Each side (Germans vs. Americans or Soviets) has a smaller six-man rifle team, three-man armored squad, or two-man reconnaissance team.

Hell let go Its commander role is unique. One of the officers leads any party and communicates with other officers through a dedicated voice channel. There is also a strategy layer inspired by RTS games, through which commanders command air strikes and manage resource nodes constructed and maintained by other players in the game.

PGA Tour 2K21 Launched last summer, in our opinion, this is the strongest version of the HB Studios Golf series so far. There is a very powerful single player career mode, as well as a large number of carousel playlists in the online multiplayer game suite.

Mortal Kombat X Little introduction is needed, although we will point out that this game was launched in 2015 (since its success in 2019) Mortal Kombat 11) And it is already part of the PlayStation Plus Collection, which is a catalog of 20 games, available to anyone who purchases PlayStation 5.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can still download the September games—— Killer 2 with Predator: Hunting Ground For PlayStation 4, and Overcooked!All you can eat For PlayStation 5, until October 4th.

The October PS Plus game will continue until November 1.