PlayStation Showcase launches a new Forspoken trailer, including talking cats, dragons, etc.

In today’s PlayStation Showcase, we received a lot of news, including confirmation of “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” and the new look of Forspoken, an adventure we haven’t heard of in a while. Now, we have a closer look at what this title will provide, including more information about the protagonist known as Frey.

There are cats, weird purple magic portals, fantasy castles, and brave new worlds. It looks like it has everything fantasy lovers want, as well as humor, exquisite jewelry and dragons! What else can you want? Check out the trailer at the top of the article to learn about our latest Forspoken products.

Regarding Frey herself, we learned more about her in March, but the details of the story are still confidential. Now we see exactly what kind of pranks Frey will have to endure, including some very epic battles, and understand how big the universe is, especially when time is no longer an issue.

We currently don’t have a release date, but we know it is scheduled for spring 2022.

Thoughts on Forspoken so far? Which part of the latest look excites you the most? Say your thoughts in the comments section below!