PlayStation Summary report to view your 2021 game stats

We may be pushing it by the end of January, but you can still recall your favorite PlayStation memories of 2021. Sony has released the PlayStation Roundup Report, giving gamers a chance to see highlights from their biggest and best games of the past year.

Visit now until February 20 PlayStation summary page Display statistics such as number of games played, total time spent in games, trophies won, and other facts. The only premise is that you need to spend at least 10 hours playing PS5/PS4 in 2021.

The report also showcases the collective achievements of players around the world, including specific in-game metrics such as the most popular weapons in Returnal. Those who visit the roundup will receive a download code to get four free avatars (available for PS5 and PS4).

Sony may have been a little late after Nintendo and Microsoft released similar player reports a few weeks ago, but it’s still fun to look back on, “Wow, I did play a lot of death loops last year.” PlayStation is currently planning to launch Horizo ​​this year​​​ n Forbidden West, God of War: Ragnarok, and Gran Turismo 7, as well as exciting third-party games. The 2022 summary will likely be the summary of the book.

What game did you spend the most time with on the PlayStation this year? How many trophies have you won? Share your stats in the comments!