Please stop putting ugly signs on gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are a crime against aesthetics, and I hate that my ugliest piece of furniture is also my most comfortable and ergonomic piece of furniture. I hope my back and hips don’t need comfort. It’s amazing that chair designers are still finding ways to make them even more grotesque, as if there’s a competition to create gaming chairs that will make you puke while soothing your back.

The worst of them are always the collaborations with different video game brands.get new sky10 anniversary chair From aristocratic chairs. Forget for a moment that it’s pretty bizarre to create such a special chair to celebrate a game’s anniversary (especially when the anniversary is the year before), and it’s amazing how incredibly boring the design is. It’s just a black chair with a dragon logo.

(Image credit: Secretlab)

It’s almost always just the logo.There are exceptions, like this monster hunter chair This includes a cute little animal, but still has the game logo and game name on the back. Why am I talking in a chair? Especially when those words are just the name of the game. I love understated furniture, so I probably don’t want any type of monster hunter chair as much as I love this collection, but anyone in the market who wants something a little more daring would definitely appreciate some cool game art instead of Basically just an ad for something really boring.