Pokemon Card Game Announces 25th Anniversary Collection

The 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise has brought some celebrations to the enthusiastic fan base. Whether you’re talking about the announcement of diamond and pearl remakes, the brave new direction of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, or the virtual Post Malone concert, fans are looking forward to it. With the explosive popularity of Pokemon trading card games, Pokemania can support parties in another way, like 1996, with a new TCG collection celebrating the first 25 years of the franchise.

With the new Celebrations extension, you can take a walk along the path of evolved memories and offer a collection of legendary, mythical, and beloved Pokemon such as Mew, Ho-Oh, Flying Pikachu, and Surfing Pikachu. The collection is smaller than the regular expansion and features over 45 cards, including 4 Pokemon V Cards, 2 Pokemon VMAX Cards, and 25 Classic Pokemon TCG Cards. These classic Pokemon TCG cards offer the opportunity to add remakes of iconic cards such as Baseset Charizard, Umbreon ☆, and Capte Frere-GX to your collection.

Unfortunately, due to the special nature of this set, you can’t buy individual booster packs. Instead, you can get different collections. The collection includes four special card booster packs with uniquely designed cards, all featuring foil and a 25th anniversary logo. Some cards in this expansion celebrate Pokemon’s past, but collectors and players can expect creatures from all regions, including Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Zamazenta. In addition, players can expect some of the new Pokemon with the mechanics of the previous Pokemon TCG set, such as Light Pokemon, Delta Pokemon, and Pokemon.

On October 8th, you will receive the next set.

  • Celebration Collection – Dragapart Prime
  • Celebration Collection-Lance’s Charizard V
  • Celebration Collection-Dark Sylveon V
  • Celebration’s Deluxe Spin Collection
  • Celebration’s Elite Trainer Box
  • Celebration mini tin
  • Celebrations Special Collection-Pikachu V Union

Following its first launch date, two new collections will be available on October 22nd. CelebrationsPremiumFigureCollection – Pikachu VMAX and Celebrations Ultra-Premium Collection. Then, at some point in October (the date hasn’t been set yet), the Pokemon Trading Card Game will release the Celebration Collector Chest.

Pokemon card games regained popularity last year as products popped off the shelves. While some retailers have temporarily suspended the sale of cards for the safety of their employees and customers, many stores return their cards to the shelves with item restrictions applied.

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