Pokemon Card Game: Sword & Shield — Evolving Sky Announced

The Pokemon Company has announced the next expansion of the Pokemon trading card game, Sword & Shield-The Evolving Sky. Launched worldwide on August 27, 2021, Sword & Shield-The Evolving Sky contains Eevee and all its evolutions in the same extension, with each evolution of Eevee displayed as both Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX. Will be done. In addition, dragon-type Pokemon such as Rayquaza VMAX and Duraldon VMAX will debut in the Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield series as part of a new expansion. The full expansion includes the following cards:

  • 15 Pokemon VMAX
  • 18 Pokemon V and 33 Full Art Pokemon V
  • 24 trainer cards and 5 full art supporter cards
  • New special energy card

Source: Pokemon Company UK