Pokemon Company Announces New App: Pokemon TCG Live

Today, Pokémon Company International launched Pokémon TCG Live, a new application that allows trainers to enjoy Pokémon trading card games in an updated digital format. The new app marks the first time that trainers can participate in Pokémon TCG games on smartphones, tablets and desktops, and reflects the new innovation of the beloved Pokémon TCG franchise on the occasion of the brand’s 25th anniversary.

“When we look back at the wonderful 25 years of Pokémon, we once again remembered how the Pokémon trading card game has always been a strong pillar of the series and is loved by young and experienced trainers. Pokémon TCG Live will be with fans Familiar and favorite desktop versions go hand in hand to usher in a new era of digital games, so that trainers from all over the world can play together, no matter which platform they prefer.”

Barry Sams, vice president of Pokémon International TCG.

Pokémon TCG Live will soon be launched on supported iOS and Android devices, PCs and Macs via Pokemon.com. It is hoped that trainers who preview the game before it is widely available will be able to participate in the mobile soft launch in Canada later this year and the global public beta for PC and Mac.

Source: The Pokemon Company