Pokemon Company resolves Pokemon Sword and Shield Leak proceedings

Pokemon has settled a proceeding against the two in November 2019 Pokemon sword And shield According to court documents, the leaker Submitted on Tuesday..The company filed a proceeding in 2019 after unpublished photos Pokemon sword And shield Strategy Guide Now Available Online — Before Game release date.

Defendants are required to pay Pokemon $ 150,000 each for damages and attorneys’ fees.

When Pokemon first filed the proceedings, there were only screenshots of the guide posted on Discord chat. Through the proceedings, Pokemon found that one of the two defendants took a picture while being employed by a company hired to print a strategy guide. The second defendant then shared these photos on Discord and spread them to an “audience around the world,” Pokemon said in its first complaint. The photo reveals features not previously seen, such as the shape of a particular Pokemon Gigantamax.

In the complaint, Pokemon said it “quickly responded” to the leak, including issuing a deletion request over the Internet. However, these are not the only leaks. Before and after these images became available online, the Portuguese website published a series of leaks, which have since been blacklisted by Nintendo. The video of the game was also posted on the internet.

The new hashtag #GameFreakLied has begun to become popular in the United States in response to these leaked images and videos. Until the game’s release date, players were angry with the company. Pokemon sword And shieldLack of all books. The leaked image (which created the incomplete image of the long-awaited game) was quoted by these angry fans as further “evidence” of the “lie” that Pokemon recognized about the game.

2020, below Pokemon sword And shieldOn the release date of, the game leaked again — specifically, the beta version of the game. Hackers said the leak was due to a 2018 Nintendo breach.

Polygon contacted the Pokemon Company for more information.