Pokemon Go Became Fan’s Favorite Star on January Community Day-Bulbasaur

Pokemon Go It will become a classic on Community Day in January, with Bulbasaur as a featured Pokemon.

From 2pm to 5pm local time on Saturday, January 22nd, players will bring grass/poison Pokemon back to the root of Community Day during the legacy season.

During this time, Bulbasaur will appear in the wild more frequently, and you may even catch a shiny version.

If you evolve Ivysaur, Bulbasaur’s Evolution during the event or up to two hours later, you will get a Venusaur who knows the Charged Attack Frenzy Plant.

This time you can also get 3 times the Catch XP and 3 hours of incense rewards. The decoy module activated during the event will also last for 3 hours. You may also want to take some snapshots during the Community Day to be pleasantly surprised.

There will also be a community day special research story called Bulbasaur Community Day Classic. You can access research stories for only 1 USD or equivalent pricing tier in local currency.

The store will provide a special one-time purchase community day gift box, worth 1,280 PokeCoin, which contains 50 Ultra Balls, five lucky eggs, five star shards and an Elite Charged TM.

The store will provide 30 Ultra Balls for free. Please be sure to collect it during the event.