Pokemon GO: How to Evolve Pancham

Pokemon GOThe Luminous Legends event welcomes several new Pokemon from the Kalos region to mobile games, including the playful Pokemon Pancham.Like other recent additions Pokemon GO, Goomy, Spritzee, Swirlix, etc., there are additional requirements to evolve Pancham into Pancro. You can’t use candy to evolve Pancham.

To evolve Pancham into Pangoro (its final form) 50 Pan Cham Candy, But Pokemon GO Also note that you need to “adventure together to evolve”.For Pancham, it is necessary Catch 32 dark-type Pokemon Pancham is your companion. No problem, right? It all depends on how many dark type Pokemon are spawning.

Fortunately, right after Pancham arrived Pokemon GO, Niantic increases the number of dark type spawns. Starting May 18, Pokemon like Houndour and Carvanha will appear more frequently in the wild, and the legendary Pokemon Ibertal (dark type) will be available in raids. (You can also catch dark-type shadow Pokemon from Team Go Rocket’s growl. If the growl says “There is a shadow wherever there is light,” you will participate in a dark-type battle.)

Other dark-type Pokemon to watch out for include Deino, Murkrow, Poochyena, Purrloin, Sableye, Sneasel, Stunky, and Alolan versions of Grimer, Meowth, Rattta, and Zigzagoon. Alolan Rattata will be featured in large numbers during the Spotlight Hour from 6 pm to 6:59 pm local time on Tuesday, May 18th.

How to catch Pancham

To get more candies, you need to catch them, walk with them, or use rare candies. Pancham appeared in a one-star raid until May 17th at 8pm local time, after which it defeated Strange Eggs (Team Go Rocket leaders Arlo, Cliff and Sierra). It can be hatched from a 12 km egg).