Pokemon Go Oshawott Community Day: Event time and rewards

It’s another month-when we all picked up our phones to participate in a new Pokemon Go Community Day Event. Community Day in September 2021 is about Oshavot -This is an appropriate cheeky choice for the first community event of the prank season.

In order to clarify the event time, Community Day in September 2021 will be held on Sunday, September 19, 2021, between 11 am and 5 pm local time. This event focuses on the first Pokémon in the Unova area of ​​the water system Oshavot -You will be able to capture many of them, including shiny ones, and evolve some of the captured Oshawott into Dewott and its final form, Samurott.

In addition to increasing Oshawott’s spawn rate, players participating in Community Day will be able to enjoy other typical rewards, including improved incense and bait, extra XP, photo bombs when taking pictures, unique research stories, and Pokemon’s Oshaw Special family.

We explained Oshawater Day Time, all Community Day Rewards And how to make the most of them on this page, plus a little Getting started on Community Day.

If you are a novice, then Pokemon Go Community Day events are exactly what you might expect from their names-they are designed to allow players to enter the world, preferably in places full of Pokestops to interact and hang out such as parks and other public places. These activities are time-limited to encourage trainers to carry out Pokemon hunting missions on the same day and on the same day.

Participating in the form of generous returns is an incentive. Community Day activities usually focus on specific Pokemon, increase its spawn rate and make its shiny form more common, and other related rewards.

If you go to a community day event, you may be surprised: if you go to local parks and other places, you may see other trainers catching Pokemon everywhere during the event. This is a big event and a great way to meet Pokemon Go players.

We did introduce this at the beginning, but for those who are just starting to roll, you need to know the following: The next Pokemon Go community event will be Sunday, September 19, 2021..

As always, the community event is a limited time event-it will be locked for 6 hours on the selected day.this Community Day in September 2021 will be from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time, Regardless of your local area and time zone. During these times, the Community Day will be active, so as to obtain certain rewards that make it worthwhile to participate in the day. You will most likely notice immediately that you are playing a game during Community Day, because Oshawott will be everywhere.

Pokemon Go Oshawott Community Day Rewards: Shining Oshawott, Dewott and Samurott, Hydro Cannon and Razor Shell actions, etc.

The community in September 2021 focused on a species of Pokemon monsters-the water-type Oshawott and its evolution, Dewott and Samurott. Oshawott will spawn more frequently in the wild during the event, and you can also get the shiny forms and powerful exclusive moves of these Pokémon.

As we have already said, the main reason for participating in the Community Day event is to grab a bunch of Oshawott, find an unqualified one, and then evolve it into Samurott during the event time to get an exclusive mobile, hydraulic cannon. This can give you a powerful Pokemon-if you are lucky, it may even be a shiny variant of it!

Because you have a chance to catch so many, and because of the increased flash rate, you also have a good chance to catch one Shining Oshawater There are or two during the 6-hour activity period, and it is more likely to catch the one with strong statistics. However, there are some other rewards:

  • Shining Pokémon: Oshawott’s spawn rate will increase, including its shiny form. Grab a lot, and you will definitely end up with a shiny Oshawater-maybe a few. Then you can evolve to shiny Dewott, then shiny Samurott.
  • Capture XP 3 times: During the community event, players will get three times the experience points for each Pokemon caught. Pair this with other boosters and you can grind out a lot of XP very quickly.
  • Exclusive move-Hydro Cannon: This evolution series will have an exclusive action-this time it is Blast Burn. You can get this move by evolving to Samurott during the event or within two hours after the event time (until 7pm local time)-any Samurott that evolves during this period, whether regular or shiny, will get Hydro Cannon as his charge move. This is a powerful water system move, even an elite TM cannot teach it.
  • New Move-Razor Shell: During the Oshawott Community Day, Oshawott Evolution Line will gain the ability to learn new actions-Razor Shell. This is brand new for Community Day, but it is a permanent addition-it will be available after the event ends.
  • 3 hours bait/incense: If you put a Lure on Pokestop or an Incent on yourself, it will last 3 hours instead of the regular length. This means that any bait dropped during the event will last for the entire duration of the event. In addition, Oshawott will be attracted by Rainy Lure Modules.
  • Photo bomb: During the Community Day event, if you take AR photo snapshots of Pokemon, you have a chance to be taken by the excited Oshawott.
  • In-store community day box: If you don’t mind spending some money, the store will add a special community day box during the event. 1280 Pokecoins will provide you with 50 super balls, 5 lucky eggs, 5 rainy bait modules and an Elite Charged TM.
  • Advanced research stories: If you pay a $1 ticket, you can also access special studies during the event. “From Scalchops to Seamitars” optional special research stories will all be based on capturing Oshawott and will be easily defeated during Community Day. It will bring you various rewards.
  • sticker: Exclusive Oshawott themed stickers will be dropped from Pokestops, friends’ gifts, and can be obtained in the shop.