Pokemon Go players will have more encounters with Ditto today than usual

Ditto will appear more frequently in Pokemon Go Today is because of April Fool’s Day 2 event.

If you’re lucky, you might meet someone who shines.

The following Pokemon are more likely to be Ditto between now and 11:59pm local time, so keep an eye out for them: Ekans, Gastly, Natu, Surskit, Finneon, Swirlix, and Dwebble. Also, from 5pm to 8pm, Ditto will be out in droves, so keep catching Pokémon.

Professor Willow has some new special research to help trainers, starting with catching 10 Pokemon, catching 5 regular Pokemon, and then making 5 nice throws. This will reward you with 1,000 Stardust, 15 Ditto Candies and 5 Raspberries.

The second part of the mission is to catch 10 Pokemon, catch three ditto, and transfer 10 Pokemon. This will earn you 1,500 XP, a Silver Pineberry and 15 Ditto Candies.

The third part just asks for a reward of 10 Ultra Balls, 5 Hyper Potions and 3,500 XP.

You can also earn event-themed Ditto stickers by spinning PokeStops, opening gifts, and purchasing from the in-game store.

have fun.