Pokemon Hisuian Snow Episode 1: Into Icy Blue Now Available

It’s finally time for the new Pokemon web series to air, and you can tune in right now. Pokemon Hisuian Snow is produced by the super talented team at WIT Studio, and the first episode of Onto the Icy Blue didn’t disappoint. WIT Studio is the studio behind anime hits like Vinland Saga and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. The first episode of the web series focuses on the usually hostile and aggressive Pokemon Hisuian Zoroark, and how people living in the Hisui region perceive this particular type of Pokemon. It’s only about six minutes, so if you have some free time, be sure to take a look below.

Relive the past in Pokémon series debut: Hisuian Snow! 🏔️ In the Emerald region, many people grow up believing that humans and Pokémon cannot live together. However, when Alec meets Yazorua, he may need to reconsider his thoughts on Pokémon!