Pokemon-inspired Temtem feature trailer, digital and physical launch on September 6

The interesting-looking Temtem has caused quite a stir since its official debut, and it will land on the Nintendo Switch series system on September 6th. Fans of the physical game should be delighted that the Pokemon-inspired MMORPG will be available via the Nintendo Switch eShop, as the physical version has also been released. The recently released Temtem 1.0 feature trailer showcases the game’s Tamer Paradise Island, multiple combat modes, in-game rewards, and more.


Temtem is a massively multiplayer collectible creature adventure game. Every child dreams of becoming a Temtem tamer; explore the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago, discover new species, and make great friends along the way. Now it’s your turn to embark on an epic adventure to make those dreams come true. Catch new Temtem on the floating islands of Omninesia, battle other tamers on the sands of Deniz, or trade with your friends on the ash-covered fields of Tucuma.

Defeat the annoying Belsotho clan, end their plot to rule the archipelago, defeat all eight dojo leaders, and become the ultimate Temtem tamer! These are floating islands where Teng Teng and human beings coexist peacefully. Each island is a completely different world, but we all have one thing in common – our love for Temtem and Temtem fighting! Intrepid tamers like you travel to the furthest reaches of the archipelago by airship in search of the best Temtem. Every young animal trainer dreams of being the best…

Temtem Features

  • Story campaign: Travel across six vivid islands and embark on an adventure to become a Temtem tamer while fighting the evil Clan Belsoto.
  • Internet: Gone are the days of traveling alone; in Temtem, the world is a massively multiplayer game. Trainers from all over the world can join and you’ll be able to see them by your side as you go on adventures and fight to be the best Temtem trainer.
  • Cooperative Adventure: You will be able to join forces with friends at any time to work together on your next goal. Grab new Temtems, complete a route, or face off against Temtem leaders; fight alongside your friends in double battles!
  • housing: Buy your own house on Atoll Row and decorate it your way. Buy new furniture, paint the walls, and you can invite your friends over!
  • custom made: Customize your character to stand out from the crowd and get new cosmetic items as you battle other tamers. Pick a silly hat, a comfy sweatshirt, a pair of pants, and you’re ready to go! Or maybe you prefer a full cosplay in your favorite Temtem?
  • Competitive: 8 Temtems are selected first, then the picking and banning phase will begin. Take turns with your opponent picking your Temtem and banning theirs. After all decisions are made and the round is over, you will have a squad of 5 Temtem and the battle will begin.