Pokemon Legend: Voltorb in the form of Hezua in the game of Arceus

Pokémon Company International and Nintendo today introduced a newly discovered Pokémon, a Hisuian form of Voltorb, in a new trailer on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

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The striking similarity with the poke ball in Hisui
This mysterious Pokémon has a smooth spherical body. It has a wood grain-like makeup on the surface of its body and a hole on the top of its head, which looks a lot like Poké Balls in Hisui area. Voldemort’s body seemed to be filled with countless seeds. Occasionally, it will spit out these seeds from the hole in its head. However, no one knows exactly what’s inside the Pokémon, because inside the cave, it is pitch black.

category: Globe Pokémon
type: Electric/grass
high: 1’8″ (0.5 m)
weight: 28.7 pounds. (13 kg)

Instantaneous discharge
This Pokémon is always full of energy and friendly. However, it can release stored electrical energy at one time, often causing electric shocks to nearby humans and Pokémon. Even the slightest provocation can make this Pokémon angry, so Hezuan Voltob is considered a troublesome thing in human settlements. It is not uncommon for people to temporarily block the hole in He Suan Voltorb’s head and kick him out of the settlement.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be released on Friday, January 28, 2022. Can be booked now.

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Source: Pokemon Company