Pokemon trading card game live broadcast has been postponed to 2022

The initial launch of Pokemon TCG Live was slightly delayed. Pokemon Company announced that the mobile soft release and desktop global public beta has been pushed to 2022.

The developer announced: “In order to provide trainers with a more refined experience, the global public beta of the Canadian Pokemon TCG Live mobile soft release and desktop has been transferred to 2022.” On twitter“We will share more about this beta period and the timeline for the full launch of Pokemon TCG Live soon.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ooBE5AQODY If you recently obtained an IRL card (as Alex recently It’s hard to get it now), you may have noticed that some of them are branded with TCG Live; don’t worry. For now, these are still available for old applications. “In addition, some of you may have recently received code cards with the Pokemon TCG Live brand as part of some Pokemon TCG products,” the developer explained. “Although Pokemon TCG Live is currently unavailable, please note that these cards can still be redeemed in Pokemon TCG Online.” TCG Live will let you play online games on PC, Mac, Android and iOS-similar to its predecessor-and it The same digital code will be used to purchase from the real world to the app.

The game was supposed to land sometime in 2021 and provide full cross-platform support when it was released, but this delay will push everything back to 2022.

There is no specific date when we can expect the public beta or the full launch of the game, so you only need to continue using Pokemon TCG Online for the next period of time. However, don’t worry about redeeming your collection; after the old application is launched, all the content you owned in the old application will be migrated to the new application.