Pokemon UNITE producers talk about the list of games

Pokemon UNITE initially swept Nintendo Switch and smartphone games when it was released in late July. Everyone who has played it has a question: How is the list determined? Given the number of Pokemon in existence, there are now more than 1,000 creatures. There is no doubt that the team spent some time agreeing on which Pokemon is best for the game’s tactical MOBA gameplay. The following is what Pokemon UNITE producer Masaaki Hoshino told the Japanese magazine Famitsu.

“We chose Pokemon on the basis that players can choose the difficulty of fighting style by observing them. As a fan of Pokemon, I hope all kinds of Pokemon will participate in the game. This includes weird choices like Crustle, Because we want to explore all the possibilities that Pokemon may appear in the game.”

Pokemon Unite, producer Masaki Hoshino

“We choose wild Pokemon based on how well they match the atmosphere of the stage. By the way: if you defeat Rotom, it will start destroying your opponent’s goals. This is based on the description of how Rotom enters and destroys electronic devices in the illustration. information.”

Pokemon Unite, producer Masaki Hoshino

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