Pokemon UNITE version is available, here are buffs and nerfs

The popular free Nintendo Switch and smartphone Pokemon MOBA, Pokemon UNITE, have been updated today. The new update brings Pokemon UNITE to version and introduces various buffs and weakenings for popular Pokemon characters such as Blastoise and Gengar. The Pokemon Company also recently announced that the Halloween Festival will kick off today on October 20th.

Pokemon Joint Halloween Event Trailer:

Pokemon UNITE version update:

Pokemon lovers


  • Thunder: damage Increase.
  • Volt solves: damage Increase.

Slow brother

  • amnesia: cool down Reduce.
  • amnesia: HP recovery Increase.

Geng Gui

  • Level 5: After reaching level 5, Geng Ghost will now Restore HP Each time it will cause special damage. The health you recover will be based on the amount of damage done to your opponent.

Pokemon Nerve


  • Water pump: damage Reduce.
  • Hydraulic typhoon: damage Reduce .
  • Outlet: cool down Reduce.


  • Attack status: Always Reduce.
  • Perseverance: Activation frequency has been Reduce.
  • Halo Cannon: Fixed the bug that the Halo Cannon caused more damage after being used after the enhanced heavy hit.


  • Basic attack: Attack speed Increase.
  • Long Chong: Damaged Increase.
  • Rough skin: Adjustment to activation delay

Pokemon balance


  • Gigabit drainage: HP recovery decreases.
  • Gigabit drainage: Reduce the damage reduction Venus gets after using Giga Drain.
  • Sun beam: Damage increased.

Pokemon Unite update bug fix

These are the main changes in buffs and weakenings in the patch, although many other Pokemon have been adjusted to fix bugs related to characters and their actions. These are as follows:

Claw Flame

  • Wings of the Gale: Fixed a bug where Gale Wings would no longer activate after rebirth from KO.

Kra Moran

  • Vulnerability: Fixed a bug that caused display problems.

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