Pokemon Violet and Scarlet will be released in late 2022, and fans are already loving the debut

this is a good time Pokemon Fan; for the first time in a long time, we’ve released three major Pokemon releases in 12 months.follow both pokemon legend arceus and Brilliant diamond and shining pearl, Pokemon Company announced pokemon scarlet and violet – A brand new open-world Pokemon adventure duo coming to Nintendo Switch in late 2022.

The launch of these new games was announced during Pokemon Presents on Pokemon Day 2022, when the company announced that these Game Freak-developed games would also feature a new region and its three new launch Pokemons.

As you might expect, the world has lost its mind to three new starters (following the old Pokemon formula, Type-wise). You can choose from Grass Cat Sprigatito, Fire Croc Fuecoco or Water Duckling Quaxly.

Sprigatito has the ability to overgrow and, like most kittens – is “capricious” and “attention seeking”. Fuecoco the Fire Croc (seems to be Apple too?) has the ability to Blaze and “does things at its own pace”. Quaxly, the explicit nerd of the group, is “serious and neat”.

These games seem to be a little different from what we’re used to; the developers describe Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as an “evolutionary” step forward for Pokemon (we’re sure that’s no pun intended). The new gaming duo appears to have departed from the setting that Sword and Shield’s Wilderness was established, and will have an “open world where various borderless towns seamlessly blend into the Wilderness”.

According to the reveal, “Pokemon can be seen everywhere in this vast world – in the sky, the sea and the streets.”

We don’t know much about the differences between versions (if past games are any guide, we might expect version-exclusive Pokemon, locations, and trainers), but Game Freak notes that trainers will “have different gear depending on What game are they playing.”

The next-gen game – we’re going to gen 9 if you count – will be set in a region very reminiscent of Spain and Portugal, with some clarification on real-life locations in the trailer illustrate. Whether it’s the suspicious Sagrada Familia-looking building seen at the end of the trailer, or what looks like a Pikachu from Park Guell, it’s clear we’re heading back to Europe again in this new Pokemon adventure.