Poor Moding.Mass Effect Suicide Mission Survival Rate Revealed

The final moments of Mass Effect 2 carry the possibility of death. Commander Shepard’s mission is to lead a team on a suicide mission, during which choices may result in the death of a beloved teammate. This task can be completed without any loss (we detailed this strategy in a convenient flowchart), but most players will lose one or two characters when they pass the level for the first time.

Many of you have accepted this task for the first time in the Legend of Mass Effect. After the game was released, Electronic Arts and BioWare collected player data from this mission and revealed the survival rate of each team member.This information is a small part of Electronic Arts’ extensive digital padding Year in review.

As the data shows, Garrus, the fan’s favorite, often survives until the next day, completing suicide missions in 98% of player attempts. The lovely singer Moding died the most, surviving only 90% of player games. You can see all the survival rates in the figure below:

Electronic Arts also announced the most popular teammates in the legendary version, they are not what you think. Garrus ranks third on the list, ranking first and second, behind Kaidan and Ashley. A quarter of the players obviously don’t have time to change the name of their commander Shepard, which defaults to John/Jane. The numbers show that 23% of players play games under one of these names.

If you haven’t played the Mass Effect trilogy, there is no better way than the legendary version. Kimberley Wallace (Kimberley Wallace) gave this series a 9 out of 10 points, and said: “Even after so many years, Commander Shepard is still a powerful force that lives up to their iconic Status, the trilogy is still fascinating and worth your time.”