Pope starts playing a song from hit RPG Undertale in 2022

For some reason, the Pope is now hearing one of the most iconic video game songs of the 2010s, as Kotaku. yesterday, during weekly general audience, Vatican speakers slammed Undertale’s “Megalovania” as circus performers juggled and rode unicycles in front of the Venerable. There’s video proof too, in case you’re like me and can’t believe this actually happened.

Later in the circus, the song supporting Undertale’s boss fight with Sans plays and no one notices. This jazzy, trumpet-filled version of “Megalovania” complements the performance, with wide-angle shots of the performers juggling the ball, making it all the more surreal by letting the audience stare blankly at it. That, and how the whole thing happened in the haunting glory of Fazzini’s Resurrection. Maybe in 2023, someone will play the Halo theme or wear something Deltarune.

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