Post-apocalyptic Timberborn beavers can now make water rise

Timberborn, the giant beaver city builder, has undergone a major update for the first time since the early access version was launched in September, and there are some neat new things in the works in the city construction game about the cool city that the beavers will build after we all die.

In a major update just released this week, Timberborn’s Beaver gained the ability to make a mechanical water pump, a large suction cup designed to move large amounts of water vertically upwards. It used to be a bit stuck on water that was moving horizontally or downwards, now your beaver can use the correct scientific pumping to irrigate high places or build reservoirs on mountain peaks. It might even add a new waterfall to the world.

There are many new things inside Full patch notes, For example: new buildings such as observatory, public swimming pool and thermal mud bath. Mine unlimited metals, new crops and resources, chestnuts, etc.