Practical abundant PC hardware in 2021

Holidays are usually a time for reflection and summarization. However, this is not allowed in 2021, because there is none. Honestly-have you been to the store recently? There are empty shelves everywhere. I had to use my second favorite sugar-free oat milk to make do with it. Try to buy decent fresh pesto sauce around here!

The same is true for PC hardware, but it’s a lot less funny. Ever since Bitcoin is so valuable, the story of a shortage of graphics cards has been circulating. But in 2021, due to the pandemic, crypto miners joined forces with global supply line failures. As a result, GPU prices have skyrocketed due to scarcity. This is especially true of Nvidia’s RTX 3x cards (code-named “Hens’ Teeth”).If you are preparing to upgrade the old GTX 970 in 2019, you will either have to pay more or wait long Delivery time, or without a new card.