Project EVE becomes smooth and dynamic trailer

Project EVE is not a project that many North American gamers pay attention to, but today’s new game videos may help change this situation. The third-person action game developed by the Koren team SHIFTUP showed various fast-moving and exciting sequences in today’s trailer.

The heroine in the game (presumably Eve mentioned in the title) faces a series of distorted monsters. In an opening sequence, she fought with a giant monster attached to the space station, and then was thrown into the clearing. In other areas, we saw her passing through a seemingly destroyed earth, submerged by parasites.

The battle looks to follow the fashionable atmosphere you might expect in games like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, with a focus on wild acrobatics and third-person traversal sequences. Eve wielded a sword in the battle we saw in the trailer and used this weapon in many eye-catching aerial maneuvers. The design of these creatures is eye-catching, covered with tentacles and blade-like teeth. It also seems to be a game that is not afraid of some impressive positioning animations, because Eve flips and violently up and through some huge monsters. In another interesting scene, we saw her moving at high speed in a long tunnel, even though she continued to fight terrifying enemies. In addition to the monsters, it seems that Eve will have at least one robot companion by her side. He seems to play the role of a consultant, telling the strange post-apocalyptic world she travels through.

The trailer is completely dubbed in Korean, which is at least one of several signs that Project EVE may be a long way from being released here. However, the footage shown is clearly marked as being captured from PS5, so we know that the game will at least enter Sony’s next-generation console.