Project Eve looks like a hybrid of Nier and Bayonetta

The new trailer for Project Eve, first of all the Korean Wonder fighter Announced in 2019, Seems to have fallen between the cracks, and “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake”, “Little Tina’s Wonderland”, “Alan Awakens Remake”, “Ghost Line: Tokyo” and “Legend of Thieves” series The trailers for squeezed into the PlayStation Showcase together, this will be the first appearance of the series on PC. The PC version of Project Eve was mentioned as early as 2019 and may still be under consideration.

It does look like a Bayonetta or Nier style role action game. The introduction of the film shows that the protagonist Eve is constantly moving, flipping around a huge monster she stabbed, and ripping off one of the weapons to deal with it, while the camera makes sure to keep her ass in the frame as much as possible.