Project Zomboid’s new roadmap includes ambitious NPC plans

The long-running zombie survival game Project Zomboid has recently witnessed a remarkable explosion of popularity After an Early Access update overhauled everything from multiplayer to combat. The 11-year-old handcrafted survival game saw a surge in player numbers last month, and The Indie Stone is now looking forward to a new roadmap explaining what’s next. The studio is far from done with its Zomboid plans, with plans for NPCs, pets, and more in the works.

Human NPCs have long been the most sought-after feature in early access games, The Indie Stone said in a new blog post. Adding new humans will be a priority for the next few updates. While it has no date commitment, the new PZ roadmap below illustrates how the team will roll out the next few versions of the game.

(Image source: Independence Stone)

“Until the NPC work is done, we’ll run a second dev team exclusively on faster, less risky, but still super cool content patches, and then alternate between other NPC patches to keep the content train going,” The Indie Stone said.