Protoje: Maggie Q reveals details of new poster and exclusive preview

In the era of action cinema defined by close combat, pure physicality, and well-chosen shootouts John wick, Logic will direct Maggie Q to get her own stunt spectacle.The· Nikita Star has been one of Hollywood’s most popular female action players for nearly 20 years. After invading the 2001s Rush Hour 2, She has appeared in everything from the huge Hollywood blockbuster (Mission: Impossible 3, Die Hard or Die Hard) For Chinese action dramas.

Fortunately, director Martin Campbell (Casino Royal) Made it happen: this summer Protégé, Q star as Anna, an assassin involved in a charismatic hitman and cat and mouse game played by Michael Keaton. In this movie, the actor is placed in the front and in the center, bending all the muscles. Maggie Q is a movie and is a movie poster that Polygon will debut exclusively below.

“It’s really exciting to have a vehicle that puts your heart and soul into it,” Q says in an email. “I can’t think of one aspect of the film that wasn’t a big challenge for me. I think the support and challenge were equal.”

Image: Lions Gate

For Campbell, Q was a rare, multifaceted performer who was able to catch up with Keaton and establish a meaningful relationship with Samuel L. Jackson’s mentor character, but blended that trait directly into the fighting choreography.

“She has a great combination of her skills as an actress and her skills that can take action,” Campbell wrote in an email. “She jumped over the balcony and dropped the 3rd and 4th floors she did herself. That’s a big advantage because she was trained by Jackie Chan. She’s very good at action and timing, and in the movie It almost didn’t double. I was very lucky to have her […] She did it all. “

Campbell says his team has put a lot of effort into doing it ProtégéMake the set piece as practical as possible. He used visual effects to enhance the environment and removed cables here and there, but knew that his lead could run perfectly in any scenario, so the director was free to organize larger onset stunts. ..

“They are all real and often the actors do it themselves. That’s what I like,” Campbell says. “The truth is i like Real Actions rather than visual effects actions that I think often take you out of the movie. In this movie, all actions are possible. “

“Every action has a different role, especially because we usually work with different action teams, no matter what experience we have in the past,” says Q. “I hope I can incorporate the knowledge I have incorporated into all of these experiences to create a quality that works well with Action Coordinators / Fight Coordinators and is reliable. If I don’t trust them , It’s already game over about what we can achieve together. I’ve experienced it, but very rarely I was lucky to be able to work with people I really admire. “

For Q, the “largest mountain” to climb Protégé I went to Keaton and toes. “He’s a very nice and different caliber actor. Our chemistry is so important that I wanted to be able to use it to create something unexpected,” she says. “”[Anna] In this movie, you are surrounded by older men who have a unique experience under their belt. Certainly her mentor is the one who taught her everything she knew. She feels like a fusion of teachers and challenges — it’s influenced by men. After that, she becomes a unique product around her and keeps everything of herself as the closest asset. The story stems from a deep loss that I consider to be a good equalizer in many ways. No one is immune to it. “

After all, all Q’s choices, from intimate to action-driven, worked for Campbell. “She’s very good. That means my job as a director has been a lot easier. She’s actually the only female action character I’ve ever worked with, and she makes life so much easier. Will give you. “

Protégé It will be released in theaters on August 20th.