P’s Lie, similar to Pinocchio’s soul, gets a bloody game trailer

I have not played any games in the Soul Source series; even the widely acclaimed flashy samurai has not adopted the formula Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. However, Miyazaki Hidetaka’s “The Curse of Blood” often impressed me the most. The Victorian architecture, Gothic period and nightmare monster designs are fascinating but unforgettable. Even a lively character like Pinocchio can’t change the moody atmosphere of the blood source, which is obvious in P’s lies, a soul-like soul, who has obtained some serious visual inspiration from the blood source, and recorded it The journey of an evil, sword-wielding Pinocchio.

No, this is not my fabrication! Just take a look at the game trailer below.

South Korean developer Round8 Studio announced P’s lie earlier this year. Today’s alpha footage allows us to better understand the situation when the game drops. There are eroded cobblestone paths, abandoned apartments/stage coaches, and withered trees swaying in the eternal darkness. The world of P’s lies is shrouded in mystery and horror. The weird creatures stumbled in the dark alleys, feeding on garbage and human remains.

Suddenly, a low and hoarse voice – Probably Geppetto – Saying, “Wake up, son,” Pinocchio started to work, first sharpening the blade with his high-density wooden forearm, and then cutting the undead fighters into small pieces. Pinocchio’s equipment even seems to have some magical abilities and grappling hook attacks. Don’t be fooled. The central narrative and its protagonist may be inspired by children’s stories, but P’s lies are as bloody as the soul that inspired it. Sadly, the mechanic who lengthens Pinocchio’s nose remains to be seen, but we will pay close attention to it in future trailers.

P’s lie does not have a release date, but you can add it to your wishlist steam immediately. In the meantime, please check our understanding of Elden Ring.

What do you think of this unexpected combination? I think the game looks very stable. you agree?