PS5 game developers reveal future DualSense features

The PlayStation 5 offers significant improvements over previous generation hardware, but perhaps the most novel addition to Sony’s latest console is the DualSense controller. The PS5 DualSense controller features a built-in microphone, tactile vibrations, and adaptive triggers housed in a comfortable casing to add immersiveness to your game by effectively leveraging the features of the gamepad. Following great use in games such as Astro’s Playroom and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a new wave of game developers coming to PlayStation 5 has revealed plans to use popular controller technology. ..

Incoming DualSense feature

Ratchet & Crank: Lift Apartment Players can feel everything from footsteps to explosions in the palm of their hand. As you can imagine, these sensations occur quite often in Insomniac’s upcoming adventures, but the team says they worked hard to keep those sensations of reaction as they continued to play. Insomniac Games calls the decision to fire a weapon for tactile feedback and hit different surfaces with a wrench “easy”, but the studio has added some more subtle features. For example, picking up bolts from a defeated enemy will give you a small impulse from each bolt, in addition to the quiet sound of the controller’s speakers. Ratchet & Crank: With the arrival of the Lift Apartment on PlayStation 5 on June 11, players can also look forward to a more tactile feel to the wheels and map scans of their weapons. See a recent preview for more details on upcoming games.

If you’re looking for features that you can experience right away Subnautica: Below zero Launched tomorrow, it will bring the unique features of the PS5 to players via the DualSense controller. Tactile feedback is associated with the use of certain tools, such as switching on a flashlight or feeling the coil of a grappling arm. With DualSense, you can also feel the drill feeling when mining resources with the drill arm. The rumble function of the PS5 controller vibrates and allows the player sense Target when using a metal detector. The controller pulses even faster as the player approaches the purpose of the resource. Subnautica: If you’re interested in Below Zero results, check out this review.

The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks’ next game, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Also puts a unique feature in the palm of the PS5 player. As players roam the environment, they will not only feel their supernatural powers through clear adaptive trigger responses, but will also hear the voices of another world emanating from the controller speakers. According to Tango Gameworks, thanks to the DualSense controller, players can see the difference between using the power of wind, water, and fire, and in-game demon-wielding executions are for pulling out the enemy’s core in the spectrum. Assisted by a trigger. More intense. As the player powers up the ability, the controller feedback also increases, giving the player a tactile sense of progress. Ghostwire: For more information on Tokyo, see last summer’s interview. Here I tried to get answers to some of the biggest questions.

Recently announced Life is Strange: True Colors It looks like the player can be even more immersed in the psychic world of the main character, Alex Chen. When her emotions turn into anger, traits, sadness, and joy, the light bar responds to red, purple, blue, and gold, respectively. As Alex reaches out with her mental abilities and hints at a supernatural sensation that she barely keeps in control, so does the adaptive trigger.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet NexusNamco Bandai’s next action title plans to use haptics and adaptive triggers to enhance the sense of crushing and slashing enemies and the environment. When you lift or throw an object, the vibrations that move from side to side give you the sensation of doing so. Adaptive triggers also provide a more realistic experience by making you feel the weight of what you are picking up in the game. For more information on Scarlet Nexus, check out a recent episode of New Gameplay Today here.

Speaking of BANDAI NAMCO, the PS5 version Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 Gives the player the feeling of hitting by firing various weapons. If you fire with two triggers, you will notice that different weapons have different resistances. In addition, the vibration also reproduces the firing of larger caliber bullets and the unique sensation of machine guns and beam rifles. Melee attacks also give you the sensation of a big blow. Finally, DualSense’s built-in speaker provides audio output for firing and switching weapons.

Kena: Spirits Bridge

One of the most anticipated games from the early days of PlayStation 5. Kena: Spirits BridgeAlthough it may be late, the developer EmberLab is immersing you in the DualSense. The main star is the resistance of the trigger when Kena turns the staff into a bow, pulls back the arrow, and the tree bends. Kena: For more information on the Bridge of Spirits, please visit our dedicated coverage hub here.

I’m a big fan of DualSense features, and I think all of this is great. Unfortunately, many players still can’t get the PlayStation 5 due to lack of supply. System sales outperform competitors and predecessors, but Sony said the shortage could continue until 2022. If you are one of the lucky ones to own a PS5, use these features to make a PS5 on another platform? How important are the DualSense features to you?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]