PS5 gets the official panel and new DualSense colors

If you have seen your PS5 and thought “I hope the video game box I really want looks more exciting”, then you may be lucky.New choice Vibrant new PS5 host shell and controller colors will Coming soon, The controller can be purchased in January 2022.

These new colors include Nova pink, star blue and galaxy purple. These three models have joined the previously released cosmic red and midnight black colors, which will be on sale since June.

The console cover is brand new and is getting matching colors to match the three new colors just announced and the black and red controllers. Both versions of the PS5 can use the console shell-the digital version and the standard console with CD-ROM drive.

As for when it will be released, the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black console shells will be provided with the controller in January 2022. However, for pink, blue, and purple, you will have to wait longer because they have a wide release date, which is “the first half of 2022.”

We don’t know how many of these new appearance upgrades for PS5 will be, but for those who are concerned about the controller, it may be important to pay attention to the retail price of the red and black versions. These currently retail for £64.99 in the UK and US$74.99 in the US, so it is expected that the prices of these new colors will be similar.

Neither the controller nor the console housing has a specific release date. The official blog post advises us to “make sure to check your local retailer for availability.”

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