PSA: Don’t buy the Destiny 2 Spicy Ramen Emblem. Will be free in July

By Dom Peppiatt
June 21, 2021 20:33 GMT

You may have seen something special Spicy ramen emblem To Destiny 2 Round online this week, but don’t buy from chances on social media. It will be free next month.

Spicy ramen, as you might remember from the Destiny’s Cayde-6 improvisational memorial shrine outside of E3 2018, has become something in the Destiny 2 community. Once a useless token in your inventory, Nathan Fillion, who died in-game when he caught a bullet from Uldren Sov, honors Cayde-6.

Dataminer has announced a special spicy ramen emblem that will soon be in the game. And, as you can imagine, we started charging enthusiastic users who wanted to get it in advance.

This didn’t work for the Bungie communication team.

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“Don’t buy the spicy ramen coupon emblem” Written bungee community manager dmg04.. “It is intended to be a free bungee day gift from us to you.”

Bungee Day is July 7th, a reference to the studio’s long-standing 7-based iconography. dmg04 followed up on an introductory book on items that needed to be published earlier than the studio planned, and sent a message to the data miners about their impact on the game.

“Data Miner-Don’t spoil the content, be it story code or emblem code. I think it’s exciting to be the first person with cool information, but respect the fun please.”

Data mining is often overlooked by studios. It’s kind of a thing, and it’s become a very popular part of the fandom surrounding Games-as-a-Service (for example, where you hear Fortnite news earlier than anywhere else).

But how can developers be proactive and prevent players from running out of money for free items? This is unprecedented for Destiny 2, and it turns out that the studio really wants it to never happen again.

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