PSA: Today’s 343 industry streams will provide information on the next Halo unlimited test flight

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries will host a live broadcast this afternoon to introduce the details of the next test flight of the upcoming multiplayer shooter game. Running for two consecutive weekends, this new test will cover all previously available materials and more. Those looking for more information about these closed public meetings can check out Halo twitch or YouTube Central Channel at 4 o’clock this afternoon.

Our previous Halo Infinite playable demo had a human-controlled Spartan team face-to-face with a robot in a Team Slayer competition. These battles are limited to four-on-four skirmishes on smaller maps, such as the new Live Fire and Bazaar. However, we learned that the next set of tests will introduce Big Team Battle and larger maps.

Whether the game’s battle pass or custom appearance will expand is unknown, but the upcoming larger map will definitely bring cannons mounted on classic halo tanks or warthog beds. I can’t wait to see how the vehicles transition to infinity. I hope we have enough time to cruise in them and make the opposing team miserable in the process.

What do you expect from this new Halo Infinite test? Do you want to check it? Let us know in the comments!