PUBG mobile sequel, new status, get November release date

PUBG Studios’ upcoming PUBG Mobile sequel New State will be launched on November 11.

This news comes from Chronicles of Video GamesAccording to reports, the game New State with the PUBG world as the background will be a free, season-based, real-time service game. It will be launched in 200 different countries/regions and will provide 17 languages ​​in the game for players to choose from.

New State has been very popular a few weeks before its official release on mobile devices. More than 50 million players have pre-registered for this game. Set in 2051, New State will launch four maps at launch, including Troi and Erangel maps from the original console and PC PUBG versions.

according to VGC, PUBG Studios stated that the gunfighting system of mobile games is “comparable to the system in PUBG’s PC version”. It also has a unique player recruitment system, as well as a large number of weapon customization. The last technical test before the official release of New State will be conducted in 28 countries/regions around the world from October 29th to October 30th.

While waiting for PUBG New State to be released on iOS and Android platforms next month, check out New State’s original announcement, and then watch this Callisto Protocol trailer, which shows the dead-space-like horror in the same universe as PUBG game. That.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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