PUBG now gets 80,000 extra players for free

Battle Royale Frenzy Ancestors PUBG: Battlegrounds (opens in new tab) It appears to be quite happy with its free version, as parent company Krafton says it has gained more than 80,000 new users per day since its free launch in January. PUBG revenue also grew, with average revenue per user up ‘over 20%’ [quarter over quarter]. “The news comes from the company’s revenue Report (opens in new tab) first half of 2022.

PUBG: Battlegrounds renamed (opens in new tab) The situation also opened the floodgates for brand collaborations last year before the transition to free-to-play, most recently with Assassin’s Creed (opens in new tab), to be honest, we thought it was a little weird. Either way, Krafton’s revenue is on the rise overall, though it’s unclear how much of that comes from PUBG Mobile or Krafton’s other mobile PUBG-adjacent shooter, New State Mobile.