PUBG’s new 8x8km map, Taego arrives with self-revival and arenas like Gulag

PUBG has evolved with the largest patch in a few months.

You can see the release today PUBGUpdate 12.2 is published on the PC test server. This patch brings a lot of notable additions to the game, but perhaps its biggest content is the new map, Taego.

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As previously announced Ancient This is the first 8x8km map in the game since Miramar. Set in South Korea, Taego is similar to Erangel, with a variety of terrains and a mix of metropolitan and rural areas, including residential estates and densely populated towns. Developers are using Taego to introduce some new features to PUBG.

First, Taego has the first features of the game Wild animalsIt takes the form of two types of birds and responds to shooting and player movements. In other words, it can be used tactically like Hunt: Showdown.

Taego has also introduced two new gaming mechanics. Comeback BR Is a new mechanic and can only be used in Taego for squads. This allows players to return to the match if they are eliminated in the first blue zone phase. The player who died at that stage Comeback arena,, Players fight for the right to rejoin the game.

It sounds like Gulag in Warzone, but it actually behaves quite differently. The arena acts as a unique micromatch rather than playing against other players in a one-on-one match. In this match, players are free to search for loot to survive by the means they need. The comeback arena does not have an AI bot, and if you die there, you will be returned to the main menu. If you manage to run out of time, you and the other survivors will be sent back to the main match with all the loot you have earned in the arena.

Apart from that Self AED, A new item limited to Tego. This kit can be found as a loot around the map and you can pick yourself up from the DBNO state. Available for solo and team matches.

In addition to these new mechanics, Taego will also add new weapons to PUBG.There is K2 assault rifle, South Korean 5.56 weapons, and Mk12 DMR, Another 5.56 weapon. Both appear in Tego as loot in the world.

In line with the Korean theme, Tego’s cars are of course modern. In fact, it’s based on the Hyundai Pony.In-game Hyundai Pony Coupe An all-wheel drive four-wheel drive vehicle with a maximum speed of 150km / h. However, passengers in the back seats cannot get out of the car.

Another new addition to patch 12.2 is Your Shop. This is a new store with personalized picks for each player with various discounts. Of course, the new patch will start a new season with its own Battle Pass.

Patch 12.2 will arrive on the PC Live Server next week and on the console the following week.