Pupperazzi, reviewed by a real puppy

My puppy Cosmo is a wayward and never-ending tornado who is usually funny even when he’s in destroy everything, but it might be nice if he calms down for a while. I recently tried teaching this cute but stubborn hound some attention, including getting him to work for PC Gamer. His first mission? His impression of the dog photography game Pupperazzi.

Cosmo lets me know he’s ready to play Pupperazzi, who barks louder than any creature his size should be able to handle, and knocks over his nearly full bowl. Or maybe he just wants to get away from his gaming pen. He’s loud, he’s excited, and he definitely wants to rip into something. He is ready to become a professional critic.

First stop: a quaint beach where we got some guidance from a puppy in a little raincoat. He sat on a deck chair at the top of the beach and looked at the area like he was holding a courtroom. He’s gentle and domineering, with surprising authority over a furball dressed like a little fisherman. If it wasn’t already clear, Pupperazzi is disgustingly cute.

(Image credit: Sundae Month)

No matter how many times I enthusiastically point at the screen, the Cosmo doesn’t get bothered by the cuteness. He clearly has extremely high standards. However, as we completed the brief tasks assigned to us by our canine instructor, he became more involved, slapping the keyboard with relish. Could this also have something to do with the muffin crumbs between the keys? Of course. But I choose to believe that he is slowly succumbing to the corrupt influence of video games.