Pyschonauts 2 developers work on new projects

Double Fine, the developer behind the acclaimed Psychonauts 2, revealed that it is now working on “multiple new projects.”The developer stated in its crowdfunding platform The post stated that it had split the team to explore several new “ideas…” and “visual styles.”

“The studio has been divided into different teams, starting with different projects that we thought you would like. We like Double Fine’s experiments. Each game is an opportunity to explore new ideas, new visual styles or gameplay, emotions, etc.”

In addition to the famous studio making fun of the new experience, the post also pointed out that there are more Pyschonauts 2 coming soon. From the highly anticipated Mac and Linux porting of the game to the documentary production composed of six years of footage, it seems that there are still many Pyschonauts 2 to choose from.

Given the success of Psychonauts 2 and Microsoft’s acquisition of Double Fine in 2019, it is not surprising that the studio has worked hard to develop more games for Xbox and PC.

We like this game, gave it five stars, and said “Mentally Ill 2 is fun, interesting, and from the heart, and uses dexterous and gentle hands to deal with its theme.”>

Psychonauts 2 is now available on PC, Xbox and Game Pass.