Quake update: Remaster gets big update to expand robot and module support

a new one renew An enhanced version of Quake has been released, adding more robots and module support to the remake shooting game released in August. It also includes improvements to user control and accessibility measures.

Most notably, the robot’s support for numerous maps now includes:

  • Sliding Door Complex (E1M1)
  • Cursed Castle (E1M2)
  • House of Hades (E1M7)
  • Ancient Temple (E4M3)
  • Shub-Nicholas Pit (End)
  • Forgotten Edge (HIPDM1)
  • Pumping station (HIP1M1)
  • Improved robot melee attack, swimming and weapon selection behaviors
  • Added text dialogue when the robot kills or is killed
  • Improved handling of elevators by robots
  • Improved robot navigation on the abandoned base (DM3)