Qualcomm moves from Wi-Fi 6E to Wi-Fi 7 for higher throughput and lower latency

The global semiconductor shortage really wants to get in the way of any technology it touches, including routers. Wi-Fi 6 is the current standard that most people would consider, and considering the many products coming out in mid-2021, we should really be in the era of Wi-Fi 6E by now.Unfortunately, the shortage has severely impacted the adoption of this new standard technology. Will be replaced by Wi-Fi 7 before it really has a chance.

There are signs that for those looking to upgrade, it’s better to skip Wi-Fi 6E register Qualcomm has dropped Wi-Fi 7 support, the report said. This strong tilt towards the new Wi-Fi 7 standard is primarily driven by the need for greater throughput for things like VR, AR, and potentially the Metaverse, while still meeting the latency requirements of participating games like this.

(Image source: Netgear)

“That creates a challenge, you have to deliver extremely high throughput — that’s the IEEE’s tagline for Wi-Fi 7 — but you have to deliver extremely high throughput with consistently low latency. So something like VR Applications obviously need throughput, but you have to really hit latency goals to make it work,” Andy Davidson, senior director of technology planning at Qualcomm, told The Register.