Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game will not play like other games in the studio-report

Quantum dream, The developer behind the PlayStation exclusive game Downpour with Detroit: Become Human, It is said that a new Star Wars game is being developed in cooperation with Disney. According to the new information, the game will be different from what we have seen so far from the French studio.

Since initial reports about Quantic Dream’s unannounced project first circulated, more information about the specific content of the game has been exposed.According to Kotaku, If you have played “Beyond: Two Souls” or other above games, the game will avoid the dense QTE settings you are familiar with. Instead, the game will “have more traditional action gameplay, and may even open world and multiplayer games.” element”.

Quantic Dream’s Montreal studio will obviously play an important role in the development of the game, and all these new game elements will be the result of the company’s extensive recruitment. Employees from Ubisoft, Eidos, and WB Games Montreal have all recently joined Quantic Dream.

Kotaku pointed out that according to the two former Qunatic Dream developers, part of the purpose of the recruitment boom is to “provide more development expertise for Quantic Dream, involving areas other than branch narrative and movie-driven narrative, such as in “Rainbow.” The branch narrative and film-driven narrative of the show.” Hope to remain anonymous.

However, the transition to new types of games is not without problems: “Quantic Dream’s proprietary game engine and development tools are outdated and not suitable for creating more action-oriented and exploration-focused games,” said a source.

As early as 2018, Quantic Dream made headlines after it was reported that photos processed by Photoshop were sent to the company’s internal group emails. 600 photos processed by Photoshop were cached-some were pornographic, some It was offensive-it triggered complaints from employees.

Quantic Dream denied reports of studio misconduct and toxic work culture.