Quarterly update of Diablo IV’s item classification and Paragon system overhaul title

Another quarter has passed, so another quarterly update of the Blizzard Diablo IV team is about to be released. This update of the demon role-playing game focuses on some important themes, such as itemization and endgame progression.

As always, Blizzard releases these Diablo IV updates every few months, and you can find the entire blog for that version Right here. First, the item is on the menu, and the +skill statistics return to the series. With the return of professional skill points, we see that the equipment that will affect the skill tree is only a matter of time. This means that your weapon or armor can improve your professional skill level, increase the proficiency of spells or attacks, and sometimes even allow you to acquire multiple levels of skills before you usually have them!

Continuing to discuss items, the blog reiterated the importance of legendary items in the grand plan of career building and endgame progression. Legendary data is now set to appear in different inventory slots instead of just one slot, allowing more customization possibilities. A new vendor called Mystic will allow players to acquire skills from one legendary item and transfer them to another. Below, you can see a barbarian’s axe and all its data, as well as the essence made from it, which can be applied to different equipment.

While we are discussing custom themes, the endgame of Diablo IV will have a completely reformed Paragon system. Players called Paragon Board will unlock this feature at level 50. The goal is to fill in the tiles when the character gains Paragon experience. You will initially start with the block in the center of the board, just like the licensed board in Final Fantasy XII, you will get a block adjacent to the block you have already filled out. Some tiles will be marked as rare or magic, and some parts can be changed with a glyph. When the claimed tile reaches the “door” at the edge of the board, you can connect a new unique board (with its own legendary tile) to continue building the character the way you want.

The closing quarterly report is an in-depth discussion of the visual effects of the game. There are many details in the studio’s visual concepts and explanations, explaining how things look and why they are. If you are digging for technical glitches, please allow some time to read this section and watch the accompanying video.

This is the Diablo IV message scheduled for this quarter. Although much progress has been made, it has recently been suggested that Diablo and Overwatch may be farther than previously expected. We just need to wait patiently for more updates, and we know that one of them is only a few months old.