Quordle April 22 (87) Answers Guide

Stuck on an answer on Quordle April 22 (87)? Really I should say “answer” because this challenging Wordle spin-off has you guessing four or five letter words at the same time. Even if it’s too easy for you, there’s always Octordle (if you know your Latin, you’ll be looking for 8) and Redactle…honestly, I can’t keep up.

If, when you choose to play a game like Wordle on a daily basis, and your appetite for a challenge is more sensible, Quordle is likely to become part of your routine. This is often still difficult, so here I’ve put together some clues to help you identify the four missing terms in the nine available attempts, as well as a full answer if you’re still stuck after that. spoilers to follow,nature.

Quordle April 22: Tips for getting started