Rainbow Six Extraction game preview: “It feels a little too familiar”

Not long ago, I had to do it myself Rainbow Six Siege get rid of, Rainbow Six Extraction, in the remote preview build and in the video above, you’ll see the brand new gameplay and hear my first impressions.

First off, I can hear you asking, what is Rainbow Six extraction?

This is a new co-op shooter from Ubisoft set in the current Rainbow Six: Siege universe, placing 18 of the 60 operators you know and love in Siege in a new PVE environment. As a 3-man squad, you will lead these operators to invade contaminated areas to complete objectives and fight violent aliens known as the Archaeans.

It’s basically your traditional co-op zombie experience, but with a tactical advantage; you’ll need to complete levels and missions (similar to dungeons in MMORPGs) to progress and get to the bottom of the game.

It launches on January 20, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia. Perhaps most importantly, though, it will be available on day one of Xbox Game Pass.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of co-op zombie shooters to begin with: games like this aren’t usually my cup of tea, and my fun usually depends entirely on who I’m playing with and the dynamic engagement of the team (like all the best co-op games, really). That being said, while Ubisoft offers some interesting design choices, I did have a lot of fun with the game – most notably the operator management system you have to use to get in and out of missions.

The whole game is built around this system, and I don’t think it’s going to be universally loved. If you haven’t watched the preview video, here’s how it works: you select a commander, and if that commander dies in a mission, they will now “miss” and not be selectable in subsequent missions. You need to choose another operator in the next mission to rescue the first operator who died. If you succeed, the first operator will rejoin you on the roster, but with poor health. Complete other missions with other operators to restore more health. Just don’t die in the process.

If that sounds long, it’s because it definitely is.

I foresee a lot of players losing half of their team before understanding the intricacies of this particular system as they try to run and fire for the first few missions – not even knowing how challenging and powerful the enemies actually are. on lower difficulty levels. Ubisoft, those difficulty curves may need some tweaking. just say.

The shootout feels tight and precise, but that’s because it’s all from Rainbow Six Siege; a game they’ve been tweaking and tweaking over the years. It’s moved to a different setting, but I think it feels a little too familiar to anyone who spends any time in those hyper-competitive halls.

I said at the beginning of the video that the Operator gadgets in Extraction are no different from Siege, which sucks. Given this enhanced sci-fi setting, I’d like to see Ubisoft take a more experimental route and try out some new Operator gadget variants. We are fighting aliens! Cool, weird technology has a lot of potential here!

Ultimately, I am concerned about the shelf life of the Rainbow Six extract. In recent years, co-op zombie games haven’t been around that long after launch (e.g. is there any hype for Back4Blood?) I’m not sure what the post-launch roadmap looks like, but I’m not sure if there’s enough content in the game to make Players play for a long time.

Still, I had a good time in the preview and wanted to see if my core group of friends was having a good time (I’ll force them to play with me since we all have Xbox Game Pass and there’s no reason not to try).

What are your thoughts on the gameplay from what you saw in the video? Does this look like a game you’d try — even if it’s just a quick Game Pass antique? Let me know in the comments below.